Medical Emergency Procedure

  1. Call 911 from any office phone or cell phone.
  2. Remain calm and stay with the victim/patient until help arrives.
  3. Provide first aid if you are properly trained.
    • Before taking any action, consider the following:
      • Is the area safe for you and the victim?
      • Do not move victim unless safety is at risk.
      • Are there other victims?
      • If people are nearby, can they assist either with first aid or getting help?
      • Will bystanders need guidance so that they do not become injured or ill themselves?
  4. Call building security (if off-campus).
  5. Ask for assistance to keep crowds from gathering around victim.
  6. Notify your supervisor of the occurrence.
  7. To ensure proper documentation of the incident, provide supervisors with detailed information:
    • Time of incident
    • Location of incident
    • Description of injury/illness
    • Actions taken
    • Names of witnesses
  8. Report all work-related injuries to the NIH Occupational Medical Service: 301-496-4411.
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