Grantees—Are You Able To Add an Opioids Component to Your Research?

Funding News Edition: November 14, 2018
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NIAID is leading a project for the NIH HEAL Initiative to develop vaccines that target opioids to help treat people with an opioid use disorder. Thus, the Institute will provide one-year administrative supplements to existing grants and contracts to support activities to develop vaccines that target opioids.

You may be surprised to find opioid use disorder within NIAID’s research portfolio, but the topic of developing an opioid vaccine coalesces well with many of the scientific areas that we support. For example, antibodies generated by an anti-opioid vaccine could bind to a target opioid and prevent it from crossing the blood-brain barrier and trafficking to the brain.

Your parent award does not need to have an opioid component for you to apply for an administrative supplement. The additional funding can support activities such as:

  • Designing and optimizing immunogens
    • Performing structural analysis of antibody/immunogen binding for immunogen optimization
    • Discovering opioid B cell epitopes
    • Developing carrier platforms to improve immunogenicity (e.g., high-density presentation of immunogens allowing for B cell receptor crosslinking)
    • Exploring novel haptenation strategies
  • Developing adjuvants for use in opioid vaccines
  • Completing investigational new drug-enabling studies
  • Determining mechanisms of vaccine-induced protection/neutralization/clearance and safety in animal models
  • Studying the role of mucosal immunity in vaccine efficacy
  • Characterizing immune responses in individuals abusing opioids and how this may affect vaccination strategies
  • Analyzing social and behavioral impact of an opioid vaccine
  • Using an opioid vaccine in conjunction with existing therapy
  • Developing and expanding animal models for preclinical testing of immunogens, adjuvants, and vaccines targeting opioids

Administrative Details

Though we first announced this opportunity through an October 2, 2018 Guide notice, applicants proposing supplements to grants must apply through the Administrative Supplements to Existing NIH Grants and Cooperative Agreements (Parent Admin Supp, Clinical Trial Optional) funding opportunity announcement. When you apply, begin the supplement application abstract by stating “This application is being submitted in response to NOT-AI-18-055.”

Contractors should instead contact their contracting officer representative for instruction.

Your budget request must reflect the actual needs of your proposed project. Funding will be awarded for fiscal year 2019 only. The parent grant cannot end or be in a no-cost extension before September 30, 2019.

Additionally, for-profit grantees must meet the following requirement: match or document in-kind contributions at a rate of not less than 50 percent of the total federal award amount. Find additional details in the notice linked above.

Limit the Research Strategy section of your application to approximately three pages, not including the Abstract.

We will review applications received by November 30, 2018, beginning the second week of December. We’ll review applications received thereafter on a rolling basis depending on the availability of funds.

Contact Dr. Kentner Singleton if you have any questions.

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