Administrative Relief for Those in Hurricane Areas

To continue supporting its grantee community in areas affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, NIH announced actions to relieve short-term administrative, financial management, and audit requirements.

They include the following extensions. For further details on these and other short-term administrative relief actions, read the December 12, 2017 Guide notice.

  •  Financial and other reporting
    • As mentioned in previous notices, if you cannot complete and submit progress reports, financial reports, and/or invention reports by the scheduled due date, inform the assigned grants management and/or program official that the reports will be late.
    • You may submit annual and quarterly financial and performance reports up to three months beyond the normal due date. Note, however, that NIH will delay issuing grant awards until it receives and accepts required reports.
  • Currently approved facilities and administration (F&A/indirect cost) rates
    • Grantee institutions whose current federally approved F&A rates are expiring in the next several months but less than a year from now may continue to use the current rates to recover their F&A/indirect costs on federal awards for one additional year without submitting an indirect cost proposal.
    • NIH will also approve grantee requests for an extension (up to one year) on submitting the indirect cost rate proposal to finalize the current rates and establish future rates.
  • Single Audit submission
    • Institutions expending $750,000 or more in federal funding may delay completing or submitting the Single Audit report for up to 12 months beyond the normal due date.
  • Closeout
    • Grantees may delay submitting any pending financial, performance, and other reports required by the terms and conditions of award for the closeout of expired projects. They must give NIH proper notice about the reporting delay, which may not exceed one year.

If you have inquiries, go to the NIH Frequently Asked Questions on Recent Natural Disaster Events (Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria) or check with the contacts listed at the bottom of the Guide notice.

Content last reviewed on January 10, 2018

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