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NIAID Liaison Greets Study Volunteer

Edition: July 21, 2021

Feature Article: Learn Procedures for Extramural and Intramural Researchers To Collaborate

Because intramural researchers are government employees, additional rules and regulations apply to their involvement on research projects supported by NIH extramural grant funding.

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Centrifugal Filter Units

Edition: July 07, 2021

Feature Article: Get To Know NIAID Small Business Programs

Our small business grant and contract funding opportunities help bridge the gap between basic science and commercialization of new therapies, vaccines, diagnostic tests, and other technologies.

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Training on diagnostic procedures

Edition: June 16, 2021

Feature Article: How To Find the Right Mentor for Early-Career Awards

A mentor makes a long-term commitment to your career as an adviser, advocate, critic, and instructor whose guidance helps your scientific plans, professional development, and advancement.

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Researchers train to use new equipment

Edition: June 02, 2021

Feature Article: A Refresher on Application Resubmission Strategy

Should your resubmission (A1) application go unfunded, you can submit a new application (A0), which does not need to be significantly different from the A1 so long as you remove any references to previous reviews from the A0.

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Dr. Francis Collins, NIH Director

Edition: May 19, 2021

Feature Article: Extramural Research Overview for Fiscal Year 2020

NIH’s fiscal year 2020 appropriation totaled $41.6 billion. Of that total, NIH spent $30.8 billion to award 56,169 new and renewed extramural grants to 2,650 U.S. and international organizations.

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Scientist using a calculator

Edition: May 05, 2021

Feature Article: Quiz Yourself on NIH Acquisitions Terminology

How familiar are you with NIAID’s solicitation and contract vocabulary? Test your knowledge by taking our quiz, and pay attention to the explanations for each answer.

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Bayh and Dole

Edition: April 21, 2021

Feature Article: Patents Part Two—A Closer Look at Reporting

Submitting a required invention disclosure to NIH through iEdison is not considered a “public disclosure” and will not jeopardize your patent rights. In fact, if you don’t submit a required invention disclosure to NIH, your patent rights will be in jeopardy.

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patient with tick bite

Edition: April 07, 2021

Feature Article: Know How To Answer Just-in-Time Requests, Resolve a Bar to Award

Certain codes in your summary statement can indicate an award restriction or bar to award, which can block you from funding until you resolve underlying scientific review concerns about human subjects involvement, inclusion, or animal welfare.

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Light bulb Edison

Edition: March 17, 2021

Feature Article: Insights Into Inventions—Reporting, Bayh-Dole, and More

Learn what actions you should take upon developing a unique or novel device, method, or process during the course of NIH-funded research.

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Dr. Fauci at Vaccine Kick-Off Event

Edition: March 03, 2021

Feature Article: Highlights From January 2021 NIAID Advisory Council Meeting

In his remarks to NIAID’s Advisory Council, NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci shared key staff transitions, legislative updates, and COVID-19 news.

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dissecting microscope

Edition: February 17, 2021

Feature Article: Writing a Winning Application—Write To Excite

Create a winning application by keeping your NIH peer reviewers in mind as you anticipate questions about your project's significance and innovation.

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IC Directors Collage

Edition: February 03, 2021

Feature Article: NIH or NIAID? Know the Difference

Familiarize yourself with the differences between NIH and its institutes and centers as related to funding and peer review.

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researcher uses a dissecting microscope

Edition: January 21, 2021

Feature Article: Writing a Winning Application—Consider the Review Committee

Match your research project to a review group with appropriate expertise and create an application that appeals to the reviewers and catches their interest by proposing concepts and preliminary data they would regard as innovative.

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