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Every funding opportunity announcement (FOA) includes information that specifically states whether the FOA allows foreign institutions to apply as the primary grantee or be a subcomponent on a different institution’s grant.

Antibodies derived from llamas may have medical applications

Opportunities and Resources

NIAID will fund research that addresses the natural history of gonorrhea, syphilis, or chlamydia in the context of: 1) correlates of protection, 2) host response to infection, 3) clinical endpoints of disease, or 4) biological and clinical factors that influence clearance rather than persistence of infection.

Grant funding will provide scientists in the U.S. and Brazil a chance to pursue partnerships that address public health topics of mutual benefit to both nations, including allergy, immunology, and infectious diseases.

You could be the ideal offeror to provide nonhuman primate resources and conduct preclinical studies through a Simian Vaccine Evaluation Units contract.

A new initiative aims to address barriers that hinder translating novel scientific advances into commercially viable diagnostics, devices, therapeutics, and tools that improve patient care and public health.

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On behalf of NIAID and our research community, we thank those who have donated valuable time and effort as peer reviewers or on advisory committees.

Share your feedback on proposed recommendations to reduce the administrative burden associated with laboratory animal research while maintaining appropriate protections and scientific integrity.

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If you receive a message alerting you to a change in your application status, avoid confusion by verifying which of your applications is being referenced.

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