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Be a Peer Reviewer

While helping others, you also benefit yourself since the insights you gain as a reviewer will likely aid you as an applicant as you get a look at what your peers want to see in an outstanding and well-written application.

Opportunities and Resources

NIAID is looking to fund research that improves the ability of existing or novel animal models to more closely recapitulate the human immune response to influenza infection.

Early diagnosis of tuberculosis and universal drug-susceptibility testing are critical to identifying the most appropriate treatment for individual patients and preventing the spread of disease.

Get support to develop master’s-level training on the ethics of biomedical, behavioral, and clinical research and their implications in low- and middle-income countries.

NIAID recently published the funding opportunity announcement for HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Units (UM1, Clinical Trial Required), which is part of our HIV Clinical Trials Enterprise.

In The News

ClinRegs serves as a “one-stop shop” for information on clinical trial regulations, arranged by country and covering topics such as regulatory authority, ethics committee, clinical trial lifecycle, and sponsorship.

In the interest of refining human immune system (HIS) mice models further, NIAID and NIH's Office of Research Infrastructure Programs issued a request for information to identify additional sources of human cells and tissues.

The NIH Sexual and Gender Minority Research Office will offer two non-monetary awards of recognition to early-stage investigators through its annual investigator awards program.

Advice Corner

Letters of support from your collaborators, key personnel, institution, and other significant contributors should demonstrate their commitment and summarize the agreements you have in place to support your project.

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