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A large percentage of the research NIAID funds is investigator-initiated, so if you come up empty searching for solicited request for applications announcements in your area of expertise, the next step is to plan an investigator-initiated application.

Opportunities and Resources

We seek research proposals to develop and evaluate preclinical swine-to-nonhuman primate models of pancreatic islet, kidney, heart, lung, or liver xenotransplantation.

Both opportunities support innovative approaches to identifying, understanding, and developing strategies for overcoming barriers to adopting, adapting, integrating, scaling-up, and sustaining evidence-based interventions, tools, policies, and guidelines.

The R34 can help you gather critical early feedback on your proposed trial’s rationale and protocol design, which are needed before you apply for one of our Investigator-Initiated Clinical Trial funding opportunity announcements.

NIH will fund small business innovative research Phase II grants to develop novel, reliable, and cost-effective methods to standardize and increase the utility of human induced pluripotent stem cells.

In The News

The portfolio shift will improve scientific coordination, prioritization, and efficiency of using and managing HIV/AIDS dollars traditionally allocated to NIGMS.

Before you set your sights on applying for an R15, you first need to verify that your institution is eligible—a critical step that new investigators sometimes overlook.

Through a new opportunity, we aim to support post-doctoral investigators of exceptional creativity who propose highly innovative, bold new research.

Starting with Research Performance Progress Reports due on or after October 1, 2019, you must create the required training data tables using the Extramural Trainee Reporting and Career Tracking (xTRACT) module.

Advice Corner

Some applicants are confusing the dissemination plan—which describes how the applicant will ensure compliance with the requirements of—with the resource sharing plan or the public access policy.

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