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Ebola Virus Particles

Before you apply for NIAID funding, you should know whether your research involves select agents, and if it does, the steps you will need to take to ensure public health safety.

Opportunities and Resources

These programs support high-risk research to accelerate the pace of biomedical discoveries by supporting creative scientists with highly innovative ideas that may be risky or at a stage too early to fare well in the traditional peer review process.

See our answers to questions from potential applicants to NIAID's New Innovators Awards, an opportunity for creative scientists to jumpstart their independent careers.

NIAID will support innovative studies to identify and understand protective immune responses against Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) infection or progression to active TB disease.

In The News

We explore recent trends in the number of NIAID applicants and awardees to comment on an NIH observation that "despite still being in a state of hypercompetition, the severity may be lessening."

Whether you are a peer reviewer, Advisory Council member, principal investigator, or someone named in a grant application or contract proposal, you must maintain integrity in the NIH peer review process.

Advice Corner

The information you need to provide in the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) depends on the date of the competing application. Avoid award delays caused by mistakes in unneeded information.

You must get prior approval for actions such as modifying the scope of your grant, transferring a grant from one institution to another, or changing from a single to multiple PI award, or vice versa.

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