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When NIAID sets a maximum dollar commitment for a particular initiative, applications are funded in score order until the initiative’s funding limit is reached. This approach precludes the use of paylines.

Targeted research initiative

Opportunities and Resources

Apply for funding to research primary immunodeficiency diseases, focusing on disease causes and mechanisms, early detection, and treatment and cure strategies.

Through a new funding opportunity announcement, NIAID will help mentored career development awardees enhance their research capabilities as they progress to becoming fully independent investigators.

A new request for information asks researchers to comment on opportunities and challenges in collecting, organizing, maintaining, and gaining access to human biospecimens for sepsis research.

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Thanks to our recent NIAID website updates, it’s now easier than ever for you to search and find older Funding News articles and editions.

On November 8, 2019, is moving to As part of the transition, NIAID contract solicitations will move to

About 14 months after your application goes to Advisory Council for second-level review, eRA will send an automated email as a courtesy to let your organization know if NIH does not intend to fund the application.

Advice Corner

Knowing when NIAID will begin funding your project is essential—it’s necessary for hiring support staff or arranging subcontracts or even timing a renewal application. Thus, as you prepare an application, you’ll want to determine your likely project start date.

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