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When applying, you must assess whether or not your preliminary data are sufficient to convince reviewers that your project has a high likelihood of success. Reviewers use this information to evaluate both the merit of your proposed studies and your skills as a scientist.

Preliminary Data

Opportunities and Resources

NIAID will fund translational research and advancement of rapid point-of-care diagnostics that test for active viremic hepatitis C virus infections.

NIAID will award a cooperative agreement to support clinical research evaluating the safety and efficacy of methods that can induce the immune system to tolerate certain antigens for treating immune-mediated disorders.

Apply if your research may lead to preventive nucleic acid-based vaccine platforms that protect against seasonal or pandemic influenza.

In The News

NIAID's budget for fiscal year 2020 is $5.89 billion, an increase of 6.6 percent from $5.52 billion in fiscal year 2019.

NIH policy on human fetal tissue (HFT) research requires that applications and proposals involving HFT that fall within a fundable scoring range be assessed for policy compliance by an ethics advisory board.

NIH’s Advisory Committee to the Director (ACD) makes recommendations for program development, resource allocation, NIH administrative regulation and policy, and other specific or general aspects of NIH policy.

Advice Corner

NIAID program staff can alert you to application requirements that you must address before submission. Reach out 10 to 12 weeks before applying to give yourself adequate time to respond.

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