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NIAID staff determine scope based on the original application and any negotiated reductions in funding, removal of Specific Aims, bars to award, or other issues. Grantees are required to obtain NIAID’s prior approval before changing the scope of their research activities.
Assorted Medications

Opportunities and Resources

Apply if your research supports therapeutic strategies that can overcome the limitations of small molecule inhibitors to HIV proteins, expand druggability to all intracellular HIV proteins, and inhibit HIV replication.
NIAID is interested in ethical issues relevant to domestic and international collaborative research on HIV/AIDS or its co-morbidities, other infectious diseases, immunologic and allergic diseases; ethics of clinical trials and implementation science; and other issues relevant to the Institute’s mission.

In The News

The National Library of Medicine is collecting public feedback on possible infrastructure enhancements that could better serve users, both investigators reporting results and the public accessing that information.
Your application must correctly indicate whether you are proposing to conduct research involving human subjects. If you are not sure, use NIH's updated decision tool for help making the correct determination.
NIAID’s Scientific Review Program seeks a new chief of its AIDS Review Branch to help manage peer review of grant applications and contract proposals submitted in response to NIAID initiatives.
Research projects that align with the priorities listed in the NIH Strategic Plan for HIV and HIV-Related Research are eligible for HIV/AIDS-designated funds in fiscal years 2021 through 2025.
Help NIH identify HIV and other disease interventions developed in low- and middle-income countries that have been or could be implemented in the United States.

Advice Corner

You might hope certain names will show how well-connected you are to experts in your area of science, but your application is not improved by identifying scientists who aren't significantly advising or participating in your proposed project.

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