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Review NIH instruction on late applications, salary, stipends, clinical trials, travel, and conference grants, in relation to closures due to COVID-19.

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Opportunities and Resources

Propose projects to establish proof-of-concept or preclinical development of candidate universal influenza vaccines that protect against both influenza A-type and influenza B-type viruses.

Complementary to NIAID’s drive to develop a universal flu vaccine is our push to better understand the dynamics and drivers of influenza transmission among humans.

NIAID will fund centers that use 3D models derived from human stem cell or tissue to replicate host-pathogen interactions observed in natural infections.

Develop and assess novel candidate vaccines for their ability to induce protective immune responses, and to select promising candidates for preclinical development in appropriate animal models.

Receive funding support to address robustness, sustainability, reusability, and scalability of existing biomedical research software tools and workflows of recognized scientific value.

In The News

We sincerely appreciate the time and effort contributed by fiscal year 2019 members of NIAID peer review groups and Advisory committees.

When you begin your next application, you may need to choose between FORMS-E and FORMS-F based on the application due date you are targeting.

BEI Resources is prioritizing and fast-tracking all SARS-CoV-2 registrations. For such requests, BEI anticipates a 24- to 72-hour registration turn-around time.

NIH's Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare encourages institutional animal care and use committees at assured institutions to begin using the 2020 American Veterinary Medical Association Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals.

Advice Corner

NIH policies around resource sharing are critical for ensuring the rigor and reproducibility of NIH-funded research, so take a moment to refresh your knowledge of what NIH requires.

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