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These funding opportunity announcements are ideal for applicants proposing new coronavirus-related research projects. They feature rolling submission, meaning you can submit an application as soon as it is ready and NIAID will review it in an expedited fashion.

Opportunities and Resources

Researchers based outside of Canada may collaborate on research applications to address COVID-19 as principal applicants, co-applicants, or collaborators.

Improve understanding of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-host interactions by characterizing bacterial and host determinants that are relevant during stages of infection and disease as well as analyzing bacterial and host heterogeneity on disease outcomes.

Apply for funding to study how best to trigger multiple adaptive T and B cell responses, and possibly innate immunity, to prevent or limit the initial infection or elicit responses that contain and eliminate HIV virus.

NIAID will support innovative, rigorous, well-designed studies that enhance our knowledge of disease processes and provide evidence-based solutions to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life for persons with ME/CFS.

The Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum is supporting two research and development (R&D) call for proposals to create virtual networks for joint research activities and develop new technologies, tools, and systems to address COVID-19-related challenges.

In The News

To address common questions from training (T), fellowship (F), or career development (K) award recipients, NIH posted instructions for awardees to contact program and grants management staff to explain COVID-19 delays or barriers to research.

NIH issued new instructions for peer reviewers that state, “Assume that issues resulting from the coronavirus pandemic will be resolved prior to award, and [do] not allow concerns about temporary, emergency situations to affect [overall impact] scores.”

NIAID published the NIAID Strategic Plan for COVID-19 Research for fiscal years 2020 to 2024 to explain our priorities for understanding the virus—how it causes disease and strategies to mitigate illness and death.

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