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PPE Demonstration

Our new FOA is designed to support purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) for NIAID-funded clinical trials and clinical studies on COVID-19.

Opportunities and Resources

Through a new notice of special interest (NOSI), NIAID will support current awardees’ infrastructure as required for a robust SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 research response.

Explore NIAID's priority topics for the recently reissued parent funding opportunity announcements for Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer grants.

Be aware of a few time-sensitive steps you will need to take in order to apply for the funding opportunity announcement Expanding Extramural Research Opportunities at the NIH Clinical Center.

Our ongoing initiative fills a critical scientific need for scarce in vitro and in vivo reagents, enabling rigorous and innovative clinically-relevant research with nonhuman primate animal models.

NIAID will continue to support innovative methods and tool development for data analysis, data collection and management, data sharing, data reuse, and sustainability.

In The News

When applying to a program announcement with special receipt, referral, and/or review considerations (PARs) or a program announcement with set-aside funds (PASs), be mindful of any listed nonresponsive criteria.

Awardee institutions, make sure you understand NIH’s prior approval and notification requirements in support of fostering a harassment-free work environment.

NIH invites comments and suggestions on methods to improve scientific rigor in biomedical research involving animal models.

Those who have the signing official role in the eRA Commons can now view overall impact scores as well as current and previously issued summary statements.

Advice Corner

When you’re ready to publicize your scientific discoveries, NIAID can help spread the word. After you submit a research paper to a journal, share a copy with our News and Science Writing Branch.

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