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In setting NIAID's paylines, our budget office takes into account expected appropriation, application volume, and awarded grants' projected average costs.

Opportunities and Resources

NIAID is prioritizing 14 research topics of interest as part of the annual Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Contract Proposals solicitation.

The NIAID DP2 program helps early-stage scientists pursue compelling research projects without requiring extensive preliminary data, facilitating the move into independent research positions.

NIH’s Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics Radical (RADx-rad) initiative focuses on new, nontraditional approaches, including rapid detection devices and home-based testing technologies, that address current gaps in COVID-19 testing.

Through NIH's Loan Repayment Programs, we will repay up to $50,000 each year toward doctoral-level clinicians' or researchers' qualified educational debt.

Radiation and Nuclear Countermeasures Program grant awardees can propose research to advance pediatric medical countermeasures and biodosimetry tool development to mitigate the effects of Acute Radiation Syndrome and Delayed Effects of Acute Radiation Exposure.

In The News

Thanks to a new NIH RePORTER filter, you can find data on projects that NIH funds as part of its COVID-19 response. The data include all COVID-related awards funded through both the special COVID-19 appropriations and NIH’s regular appropriations.

If you are planning an application to meet the research objectives of the expiring notice of special interest (NOSI) but cannot submit it before the expiration deadline, submit the application as an investigator-initiated application through a parent funding opportunity announcement.

NIH is seeking community feedback on reducing administrative burden concerning vertebrate animal research through a pair of requests for information on animal facility inspections and grant to protocol congruency.

Advice Corner

As you prepare your next grant application, you need to correctly identify if you are proposing human subjects research or a clinical trial, as both designations necessitate completing additional elements as part of your application.

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