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To convince reviewers that your team is able to complete your proposed research, expand your pool of expertise by recruiting expert consultants and collaborators, especially those who are known and respected in the field.

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Propose a collaborative team to pursue multicomponent, multidisciplinary research to address hypotheses crucial to the design of an efficacious AIDS prophylactic vaccine as part of NIAID's HIV Vaccine Research and Design Program.

The NIAID Research Education Program supports training programs by funding courses for skills development, research experiences, and mentoring activities.

Apply if your research could improve our understanding of the specific elements of maternal molecular and cellular factors that can control and effect the development of the fetal immune system.

Project proposals should include characterization of the timing, anatomical location, and contribution to disease outcome of mucosal or systemic immune responses to mycobacterial infection or vaccination.

In The News

NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci and Division of Intramural Research Director Dr. Steven Holland provided remarks on the Institute's research successes in a variety of scientific areas at the 196th NIAID Advisory Council meeting.

NIH extended its flexibility for investigators to send certain post-submission materials for applications submitted for the May 2021 and the August 2021 Council rounds.

To manage the limited availability of nonhuman primate models and prioritize the most promising COVID-19 studies, NIH is assembling an Expert Panel to provide programmatic recommendations to NIH's Office of Research Infrastructure Programs.

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As you prepare your next FORMS-F grant application package, consult the Annotated Form Set for NIH Grant Applications: FORMS-F Series. NIH’s Office of Extramural Research also offers Annotated Form Sets for multiproject and small business grants.

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