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A key step to writing a winning application is to assess your needs and how you will access the resources required to conduct your planned research.

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Opportunities and Resources

NIAID will fund highly collaborative, multidisciplinary research teams to conduct translational and clinical studies for the improved diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of coccidioidomycosis.

NIAID seeks research that enhances understanding of malaria vaccine performance in endemic regions, including the level or durability of vaccine-induced immune protection, and identifies host and environmental factors that impact vaccine outcomes.

NIAID continues to support the training of senior administrators in low- and middle-income countries, empowering them to serve as institutional grants management leaders.

In The News

The redesigned RePORT site makes it easier, simpler, and faster to access and refine interactive charts and reports that are connected to multiple NIH data sources.

The period of flexibility for recipients to charge salaries and benefits to active NIH awards when no work was being performed due to extraordinary circumstances has ended.

NIH encourages grantees to follow best practices for cybersecurity and understand the consequences of failing to secure private information.

Advice Corner

NIH announced the use of notices of special interest in June 2019, so you might have missed their introduction or you may be new to grant-seeking and encountering them for the first time.

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