January 2018 DMID Council-Approved Concepts

Concepts represent early planning stages for program announcements, requests for applications, or solicitations for Council's input. If NIAID publishes an initiative from one of these concepts, we link to it below. To find initiatives, go to Opportunities & Announcements.

NB: Council approval does not guarantee that a concept will become an initiative.

Table of Contents

Fiscal Year 2019 Concepts

Fiscal Year 2019 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Contract Solicitation Topics

Sexually Transmitted Infections Cooperative Research Centers: Vaccine Development

For the published request for applications, see the March 15, 2018 Guide announcement, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Cooperative Research Centers (CRC): Vaccine Development (U19 Clinical Trial Not Allowed).

Impact of Initial Influenza Exposure on Immunity in Infants

Request for Applications—proposed FY 2019 initiative

Contact: Kristina Lu

Objective: To determine how immunity, generated by the initial and subsequent influenza infections and/or vaccinations, shapes protective immunity to future influenza exposures in longitudinal infant cohorts to help inform the design of durable, broadly protective influenza vaccines.

Description: The research supported by this initiative will determine how initial natural influenza exposure and serial influenza vaccination shape infant and childhood immune responses to subsequent influenza infections and/or vaccines, and result in immunity against future exposures through support of prospective longitudinal human infant cohorts.

This initiative will focus on the following research areas:

  • The effect of the initial and repeated exposures to natural influenza infections and influenza vaccinations on influenza immunity.
  • Immune mechanisms elicited by natural influenza infection and vaccination.

Elucidating the Functional Roles of Non-Coding RNAs in Viral Infectious Diseases

Request for Applications—proposed FY 2019 initiative

Contact: Teresa Hauguel

Objective: To determine the functional roles of non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) in viral infectious diseases.

Description: The overall goal of this initiative is to stimulate hypothesis-driven research to uncover functional roles of ncRNAs in viral infectious diseases, with an emphasis on high-priority and emerging viral pathogens. The initiative will support the functional characterization of novel host and viral ncRNAs including those involved in

  • Viral transcription and replication
  • Host response to infection
  • Pathogenesis
  • Disease progression and severity
  • Response to treatment

Generating New Insights and Mechanistic Understanding of Antibiotic Resistance Development

Program Announcement—proposed FY 2019 initiative

Contact: Ryan Ranallo

Objective: To address select areas of research recognized as critical in the National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria (CARB).

Description: This program announcement with set-aside funds will solicit new applications directed toward research in three key areas:

  1. Discovery-based clinical research focused on the microbiome of human cohorts at high risk for acquiring drug-resistant infections.
  2. Novel approaches to studying human-associated microbial communities and the mechanisms that generate colonization resistance or promote the emergence of drug resistant bacteria.
  3. Identification and characterization of combinations of existing antimicrobials to improve therapy for infections caused by multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria by leveraging model systems or existing cohorts.

Development of Point-of-Care Assays to Quantify Anti-Tuberculosis Antibiotics in Blood

Note: NIAID topic for NIH SBIR contract solicitation.

Request for Proposals

Contact: Charles H. Jackson, Jr.

Mobile Health Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Note: NIAID topic for NIH SBIR contract solicitation.

Request for Proposals

Contact: Charles H. Jackson, Jr.

Point-of-Care Diagnostic for Gonorrhea and Determination of Antimicrobial Susceptibility

Note: NIAID topic for NIH SBIR contract solicitation.

Request for Proposals

Contact: Charles H. Jackson, Jr.

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