“Am I required to use My Bibliography or SciENcv to list my published work in the biosketch?”

Funding News Edition: January 09, 2019
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No, but those databases are great examples of publicly available sources of published work. If you link to a different list, be sure that your peer reviewers will have access and trust its accuracy. Avoid sources that you or your institution manage as well as those that include your name in the URL address.

The biosketch is designed to capture your five most significant contributions to science. Within each of those five descriptions, you may list up to four relevant peer-reviewed publications. Since your biosketch is limited to five pages, including a full list of your publications will take up too much space. Thus, you have the option to link to a full list.

We recommend that you use SciENcv because it includes features designed to simplify biosketch preparation—watch Webinar: Create a Biosketch with SciENcv to learn more.

Go to Biosketch Format Pages, Instructions, and Samples for additional information.

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