“Why is the budget in my Notice of Award different from what I requested in my application?”

Funding News Edition: May 15, 2019
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There are three possible reasons:

  1. Initial peer review. Your study section may recommend changes to your Research Plan or budget. For example, it may deem that you can achieve your Specific Aims with less money or time than you requested. Reviewers may conclude that some of your Specific Aims are not necessary.
  2. Overlap. A grants management specialist or program officer may modify your award based on overlap identified in your other support information. If part of your Research Plan or scientific effort has already been paid for by NIH or another organization, we reduce the funding level accordingly.
  3. Programmatic reduction. We may have to reduce your budget if our annual appropriation is not sufficient for us to fund applications at Council-recommended levels. 

Of course, your budget must also be in line with NIAID’s Financial Management Plan, e.g., salaries limited to the levels published on Salary Cap and Stipends.

Read Negotiation and Your Initial Award and our Grants Negotiation SOP to learn your options if you don't believe you can accomplish your project with the final level of support.

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