We Appreciate Peer Review and Advisory Committee Volunteers

Funding News Edition: January 09, 2019
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On behalf of NIAID and our research community, we offer thanks to those who have served as peer reviewers or on advisory committees. These volunteers donated valuable time and effort to make an enormous and irreplaceable contribution to biomedical science.

We are grateful for the service of our fiscal year 2018 Members of NIAID Peer Review Groups and NIAID's Council Members. If you are on these NIAID lists and spot any issues with your entry, email us at deaweb@niaid.nih.gov.

We also thank those who volunteered as peer reviewers at the NIH level. You may find those names listed at NIH's Center for Scientific Review Study Section Roster Index.

Volunteer To Be a Reviewer

Experienced investigators: Help us fund the best science by offering to join an NIAID peer review group. Learn more at Serving on a Peer Review Committee.

As you help the scientific community, you can gain invaluable insights into the review process and what reviewers expect for your future applications.

To learn more about the process, ask colleagues who have already served about their experiences. Check the list of Members of NIAID Peer Review Groups for people you know.

If you have questions about review service or would like to volunteer, contact Dr. Lynn Rust in NIAID's Scientific Review Program.

Contact Us

Email us at deaweb@niaid.nih.gov for help navigating NIAID’s grant and contract policies and procedures.

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