Preventing and Treating HIV and Other STIs in Transgender People

Funding News Edition: December 05, 2019
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Consider responding to a new funding opportunity announcement (FOA) to help NIAID gather critically needed biomedical information to more effectively prevent and treat HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in transgender people.

The FOA’s purpose is to 1) elucidate the biophysical and immunological changes that might contribute to the increased susceptibility of transgender people to HIV and STIs, e.g., Neisseria gonorrhea, Chlamydia trachomatis, and Treponema pallidum and 2) understand the impact of gender affirmation and reassignment regimens on the immune system, susceptibility to infection, and the efficacy and safety of strategies used to treat and prevent HIV and STIs.

To help achieve its purpose, the FOA supports a broad range of research topics to stimulate hypothesis-generating research focused on describing the systemic and mucosal impact of the drugs, hormones, and surgical interventions used for gender reassignment. It is critical to address the factors since they may result in unique biological micro- and macro-environmental changes that impact susceptibility to infection by, for example, modifying innate and cellular immunity, altering mucosal and organismal biomes (e.g., microbiome, virome, fungiome), and creating new sites for HIV and STI entry.

Check the FOA for a list of research areas of interest as well as studies that will not be supported. Note that for your proposed research, we encourage you to consider specifying milestones and timelines in your application.

Award Information and Deadlines

NIAID intends to fund two to five awards corresponding to a total of $1 million for fiscal year 2021. Future year amounts will depend on annual appropriations.

The combined budget for direct costs for the maximum project period of two years may not exceed $275,000. You may not request more than $200,000 in any single year.

Applications are due May 11, 2020, and May 11, 2021.

Full Details, Contacts

For complete information, read the November 12, 2019 Guide announcement, which has two scientific/research contacts to whom you may direct questions: Dr. Jim Turpin in our Division of AIDS or Jonathan Glock in our Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

Contact Us

Email us at for help navigating NIAID’s grant and contract policies and procedures.

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