Respond to Solicitation for Discovering New Vaccine Adjuvants

Send a contract proposal for funds to identify novel adjuvant candidates that can augment the efficacy of human vaccines, in response to NIAID’s recently issued broad agency announcement (BAA) Vaccine Adjuvant Discovery Program.

The Science

This BAA supports developing new vaccine adjuvants that do the following:

  • Stimulate immune responses to protect against pathogenic infection.
  • Specifically activate the appropriate arms of the immune system.
  • Result in stronger, more protective vaccines against emerging infectious diseases.

You must include these four planned activities:

  1. Screening of compound libraries to identify compounds capable of stimulating human receptors or cellular pathways resulting in enhanced innate/adaptive immune responses.
  2. Studies of the mechanism of action to determine how newly identified adjuvant candidates stimulate immune responses.
  3. Optimization based on structure-activity-relationship studies, and formulation to optimize lead compounds.
  4. Preclinical evaluation in appropriate animal models. You must plan to test your adjuvant candidates with preventative or therapeutic vaccines in relevant animal models. The vaccines used may be experimental or approved by the FDA. This testing should determine the potential efficacy of the vaccine against one or more pathogens relevant to human disease.

Note that under this contract, you may not conduct research involving human subjects. See the BAA for more on reporting, deliverables, and other requirements. The BAA also includes a template for your technical proposal.

Award Type and Duration

NIAID plans to fund about four to six cost-reimbursement type completion contracts. The total budget for each contract will depend on each project's scope and technical objectives.

The contract term will be one base year to begin on or about July 15, 2019, plus four option periods for a total of five years.

Due Date and Contact

Your proposal is due by 3:00 p.m. Eastern time on July 31, 2018. Direct your questions to George Ralis, the contracting officer, at 240-669-5146 or

Content last reviewed on March 6, 2018

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