August, 2018

Use of Laboratory Animals in Infectious Disease Research

August 6, 2018 to August 7, 2018
Rocky Mountain Laboratories 903 South 4th Hamilton, Montana 59840 USA

This symposium will bring together leading veterinary pathologists and laboratory animal clinicians who conduct and support studies in the pathogenesis of infectious disease, vaccine development, and surveillance and control.

Infectious Disease in the CNS and Therapeutic Strategies to Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier

August 21, 2018 to August 22, 2018
NIAID Conference Room, Room 1D13 5601 Fishers Lane, Rockville, Maryland 20892

This two-day workshop will bring together scientists and technologists across multiple-disciplines for the following objectives:

September, 2018

Cytomegalovirus Infection Advancing Strategies for Prevention and Treatment

September 4, 2018 to September 6, 2018
Fishers Lane Conference Center, Room 1D13, 5601 Fishers Lane, Rockville, Maryland 20852 USA

Cytomegalovirus infection causes significant morbidity and mortality in congenitally-infected infants and transplant recipients. There is no licensed vaccine for CMV, and antiviral treatment of CMV infection is challenged by drug toxicities and emergence of resistant CMV isolates in treated patients. New approaches for both prevention and treatment would have a substantial public health impact in both populations, but numerous challenges have hampered progress in these areas.