NIAID-Funded Research News

Below are links to press releases about NIAID-funded research from some of the institutions we support.

September 2017

New Tulane University Drug Effective Against Malaria

September 13, 2017 --- Tulane University

Study Clears Important Hurdle Towards Developing an HIV Vaccine

September 13, 2017 --- University of Cambridge

TSRI Study Reveals New Clues to How a Successful HIV Vaccine Could Work

September 12, 2017 --- The Scripps Research Institute

Insight into How Lungs Repel Infection Could Guide Therapies for Transplant Patients

September 7, 2017 --- Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Bacterial In-Fighting Provides New Treatment for Hospital Infections

September 6, 2017 --- The University of Sheffield

Zika Virus Kills Brain Cancer Stem Cells

September 5, 2017 --- Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Researchers Develop Lassa Fever Treatment Effective Eight Days after Infection

September 5, 2017 --- The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Immune System Changes During Pregnancy Are Precisely Timed

September 1, 2017 --- Stanford University School of Medicine

August 2017

Scientists Discover How Tuberculosis Hijacks the Immune System

August 28, 2017 --- Trinity College Dublin

Bone Marrow Protein May Be Target for Improving Stem Cell Transplants

August 28, 2017 --- University of Pennsylvania

Boosting Immune Cell Memory to Improve Vaccines and Cancer Immunotherapy

August 28, 2017 --- University of California San Diego School of Medicine

GW Researcher Awarded $2 Million to Study Natural Immune Response to HIV

August 28, 2017 --- George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Allergies? Exhausted Regulatory T Cells May Play a Role

August 24, 2017 --- St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital