NIAID-Funded Research News

Below are links to press releases about NIAID-funded research from some of the institutions we support.

July 2017

Malaria Drug Protects Fetuses from Zika Infection

July 10, 2017 --- Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

June 2017

Team investigates antiviral that inhibits SARS, MERS

June 29, 2017 --- Vanderbilt University

May 2017

Understanding T Cell Activation Could Lead to New Vaccines

May 30, 2017 --- Penn State College of Medicine

Toward an HIV Cure: Pitt Team Develops Test to Detect Hidden Virus

May 29, 2017 --- University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health

Scientists Jump Hurdle in HIV Vaccine Design

May 26, 2017 --- The Scripps Research Institute

Zika Infections Could Be Factor in More Pregnancies

May 25, 2017 --- University of Wisconsin–Madison

Virologists: Zika Virus Invaded Florida Multiple Times in ’16

May 24, 2017 --- Florida Gulf Coast University

Near Real-Time Genomic Sequencing Maps Introduction and Spread of Zika Virus in US

May 24, 2017 --- U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID)

Zika Reached Miami at Least Four Times, Caribbean Travel Likely Responsible

May 24, 2017 --- The Scripps Research Institute

Scientists Gain Better Understanding of How Ebola Disables People’s Immune Defenses

May 23, 2017 --- University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Experimental Therapy for Immune Diseases Hits Achilles Heel of Activated T Cells

May 22, 2017 --- Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Brain Fights West Nile Virus in Unexpected Way

May 18, 2017 --- University of Washington

Ebola Treatment Breakthrough

May 18, 2017 --- Albert Einstein College of Medicine