NIAID-Funded Research News

Below are links to press releases about NIAID-funded research from some of the institutions we support.

April 2018

UGA Research Study Explores Resurgence of Pertussis

April 3, 2018 --- University of Georgia

March 2018

Researchers Identify Chemical Compound That Inhibits Ebola Virus

March 28, 2018 --- Georgia State University

Diagnosing Ebola before Symptoms Arrive

March 28, 2018 --- Boston University

Antibiotic Use Increases Risk of Severe Viral Disease in Mice

March 27, 2018 --- Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Western Diet Depletes Artery-Protecting Immune Cells

March 15, 2018 --- La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology

Mosquito Meals: Blood In, Ammonia Out

March 13, 2018 --- Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Computers Discover Compounds That Could Reduce Listeria’s Virulence

March 12, 2018 --- North Carolina State University

Pitt, UPMC Researchers Identify Key Step in Viral Replication

March 12, 2018 --- Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

Mutating Ebola’s Key Protein May Stop Replication

March 12, 2018 --- Purdue University

Antigen Study Supports New Approach to Vaccine for Respiratory Syncytial Virus

March 9, 2018 --- University of California, Santa Cruz

Gene Knockout Using New CRISPR Tool Makes Mosquitoes Highly Resistant to Malaria Parasite

March 8, 2018 --- Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Malaria Research Institute

Gut Microbes Influence Severity of Intestinal Parasitic Infections

March 8, 2018 --- Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis