SNiPpets of Science: NIAID Labs Advancing Research

NIAID Now | July 21, 2017

Have you ever heard about a research finding and thought, “What does that mean?” New observations and discoveries continually contribute to the ever-expanding body of scientific knowledge that ultimately guides medical practice. NIAID Video SNiPs are quick summaries for science lovers and scientists that explain how an incremental advance can provide fresh insights, affect disease outcomes, and improve public health. In each SNiP, a NIAID scientist explains his or her recent research advance and its implications in two minutes or less.

SNP (pronounced “snip”) is shorthand in science for single nucleotide polymorphism—a single change in the genetic code. Although it is one alteration among billions, a SNP can produce considerable consequences, including altering a gene, changing how a cell functions, or setting the stage for a disease to develop. Each NIAID Video SNiP explains the results from a single scientific study. Like a SNP, even a single study has the potential for far-reaching impact.

Recent NIAID Video SNiPs explain insights into how the cellular environment affects gene networks and regulates cell-to-cell variation and how an immune signaling molecule initiates liver scarring.

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Content last reviewed on July 19, 2017