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Leading research to understand, treat, and prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases
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News From NIAID-Supported Institutions

Below are links to press releases about NIAID-funded research from some of the institutions we support.

April 2016

Troublesome T Cells Have a Healing Side   
April 14, 2016—Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

March 2016

Study Finds Vast Diversity Among Viruses that Infect Bacteria 
March 24, 2016—Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

“Clogged-Up” Immune Cells Help Explain Smoking Risk for TB 
March 24, 2016—University of Cambridge

Genomes of Chimpanzee Parasite Species Reveal Evolution of Human Malaria, According to Penn-Led Study 
March 22, 2016—University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

DNA Markers Link Season of Birth and Allergy Risk 
March 21, 2016—University of Southampton

Long-Acting Injectable Protects Against Vaginal HIV Transmission  
March 21, 2016—University of North Carolina School of Medicine
Proactively Treating HIV Patients at Risk for Tuberculosis with Multi-Drug TB Regimens Doesn't Save More Lives   
March 18, 2016—Perelman School of Medicine / University of Pennsylvania

Subset of E. coli Bacteria Linked to Deadly Disease in Pre-Term Infants 
March 17, 2016—University of Massachusetts Medical School
Within Six Families, a Path to Personalized Treatment for an Immune Disorder 
March 16, 2016—University of Utah School of Medicine

Potential Zika Virus Risk Estimated for 50 U.S. Cities 
March 16, 2016—National Center for Atmospheric Research

Scientists Identify Molecular Markers of Kidney Transplant Rejection 
March 15, 2016—The Scripps Research Institute

Statins Cut Tuberculosis Treatment Time in Mice 
March 15, 2016—Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 
New SARS-Like Virus Is Poised to Infect Humans 
March 14, 2016—University of North Carolina

St. Jude Research Will Guide Development of New Anti-Influenza Drugs   
March 14, 2016—St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Change in Mosquito Mating May Control Zika Virus 
March 11, 2016—Cornell University

A Virus Common Among Livestock Depends on a MicroRNA to Replicate 
March 10, 2016—The Rockefeller University  

HIV Patients in Africa with a Specific Genetic Variant Have Much Lower Rate of TB 
March 9, 2016—Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
UNC School of Medicine Researchers Prove HIV Targets Tissue Macrophages 
March 7, 2016—University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Likely Biological Link Found Between Zika Virus, Microcephaly 
March 4, 2016—Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Florida State University Researchers Make Zika Virus Breakthrough 
March 4, 2016—Florida State University

Women Need More of the HIV Drug Truvada Than Men to Prevent Infection 
March 3, 2016—University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

New TSRI Study Shows HIV Structure in Unprecedented Detail 
March 3, 2016—The Scripps Research Institute

TSRI Scientists Find Clues to Neutralizing Coronaviruses Such as MERS 
March 2, 2016—The Scripps Research Institute

February 2016

GW Researcher Receives $2.6 Million Grant to Study Promising Treatment for Malaria and Tuberculosis 
February 29, 2016—George Washington University

Newly Diagnosed Men Often “Hooked Up” Online 
February 26, 2016—Brown University
Promising Early Results for AMRIC Flu Study 
February 26, 2016—Health Sciences North

Single Antibody From Human Survivor Protects Nonhuman Primates Against Ebola Virus 
February 25, 2016—U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases 

Protein That Triggers Juvenile Arthritis Identified 
February 25, 2016—Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Newly Discovered HIV Genome Modification May Put a Twist on Vaccine and Drug Design 
February 22, 2016—University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

TSRI Researchers Uncover Potential Target for Treating Autoimmune Disease 
February 22, 2016—The Scripps Research Institute

Blood Test Could Transform Tuberculosis Diagnosis, Help Monitor Treatment Effectiveness 
February 19 2016— Stanford University School of Medicine

What Makes A Bacterial Species Able to Cause Human Disease? 
February 18, 2016—University of California, San Diego School

Researchers Discover New Ebola-Fighting Antibodies in Blood of Outbreak Survivor   
February 18, 2016—The Scripps Research Institute
Bacteria Overgrowth Could Be Major Cause of Stunting in Children 
February 17, 2016—University of Virginia School of Medicine

Protein Structure Illuminates How Viruses Take Over Cells 
February 17, 2016—Salk Institute

New U of M Research Could Help Improve HIV/AIDS Therapies   
February 17, 2016—University of Minnesota
New Hope in Global Race to Beat Malaria Parasite’s Deadly New Resistance   
February 11, 2016—Universities of Melbourne

Wound-Healing Intestinal Bacteria: Like Shrubs after a Forest Fire 
February 8, 2016—Emory University School of Medicine

Shapren Emerges from the Pack as a Regulator of Inflammation 
February 2, 2016—La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology

Researchers Uncover New Piece of the HIV Puzzle 
February 2, 2016—University of Copenhagen

January 2016

HIV is Still Growing, Even When Undetectable in the Blood   
January 27, 2016—Northwestern University
Discovery Reveals How Protective Immune Cells Protect Themselves 
January 25, 2016—St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Researchers Discover 10 New Lupus Genes in Asian Population Study 
January 25, 2016—Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Acid-Sensitive Molecular Changes Contribute to the Emergence of Pandemic Influenza 
January 25, 2016—St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Researchers May Hold Key to Developing a Single Treatment Against Several Types of Ebola 
January 21, 2016—The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Immune Response Differences Might Determine Severity of West Nile Virus Disease 
January 21, 2016—Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason

Antibodies May be "Silver Bullet" for Ebola Viruses 
January 21, 2016—Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Scientists Take Steps to Make Weak TB Drugs Strong Again 
January 19, 2016—Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals Initiates Phase 1 Clinical Trial for TP-271 
January 19, 2016—Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Gregarious Chimps Harbor Richer Gut Microbiomes 
January 15, 2016—Duke University

Crystal Structure Reveals Secrets of Virulent Bacterium 
January 14, 2016—Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Experimental Immunotherapy Zaps Two Most Lethal Ebola Virus Strains 
January 13, 2016—Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Lung Cell Found to Act as Sensor, Regulator of Immune Response   
January 12, 2016—University of Wisconsin–Madison

Parents in Dark About Using Epinephrine for Kids’ Food Allergies   
January 12, 2016—Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Anemic Underweight Pregnant Women at Greater Risk for Deadly Hepatitis E, Study Suggests 
January 12, 2016—Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Scientists Find Minor Flu Strains Pack Bigger Punch 
January 4, 2016—New York University


Childhood Asthma May Increase Risks of Shingles 
December 28, 2015—Mayo Clinic

Study Reveals Arms Race Between Ebola Virus and Bats, Waged for Millions of Years 
December 23, 2015—Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Cempra Enters Into a CRADA With the NIAID and Expands the Phase 3 Solithromycin Clinical Trial in Urogenital Gonorrhea to Include Additional Female Patients and Adolescents 
December 22, 2015—Cempra, Inc.

La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology Team Receives $18 Million Consortium Grant 
December 17, 2015—La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology

UMMS Scientists Reveal New Phase of HIV Infection 
December 16, 2015—UMass Medical School

Georgetown Researcher Leads Effort to Decode Anti-Malarial Drug Resistance   
December 16, 2015—Georgetown University Medical Center
Gut Microbes: Burning Calories While You Sleep?
December 15, 2015—University of Iowa
In Pursuit of AIDS Vaccine, TSRI Scientists Shed Light on Antibody Origins   
December 15, 2015—The Scripps Research Institute

Viral Infections Leave a Signature on Human Immune System 
December 15, 2015—Stanford University School of Medicine

New Method of Diagnosing Deadly Fungal Lung Infection in Leukemia Patients Discovered 
December 14, 2015—The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

NIH Gives SLU $2.2 Million to Design a Cure for Hepatitis B 
December 14, 2015—Saint Louis University
Scientists Identify Effective and Novel Mechanisms to Block Chikungunya Virus 
December 10, 2015—Blood Systems Research Institute

Discovery Shows How Herpes Simplex Virus Reactivates in Neurons to Trigger Disease 
December 9, 2015—University of North Carolina School of Medicine

New Molecular Structure Reveals How Bluetongue Virus Enters Host Cells 
December 7, 2015—London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Enzyme Involved in Cell Division Also Plays a Role in Inflammation 
December 7, 2015—UT Southwestern Medical Center

New Clues for Battling Botulism 
December 7, 2015—U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory 

How Cells Are Foiled by a Herpesvirus Family Member in the Virus-Host Arms Race 
December 4, 2015—University of Wisconsin-Madison


Seattle Children’s Researchers Discover Method to Prevent Lethal Bone Marrow Transplant Complication 
November 30, 2015—Seattle Children’s Research Institute

New Antimicrobials Could Fight Drug-Resistant MRSA Infection, Georgia State Study Finds 
November 30, 2015—Georgia State University

Tuberculosis: Daily Antibiotics Recommended to Prevent Resistant Strains   
November 23, 2015—University of Michigan
Gamma Interferon Protects Mice from Ebola Virus   
November 19, 2015—University of Iowa

Scientists Find Surprising Trait in Anti-HIV Antibodies 
November 17, 2015—The Scripps Research Institute

Child with Drug-Resistant TB Successfully Treated at Johns Hopkins Children's Center 
November 15, 2015—Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

Research Points to Development of Single Vaccine for Chikungunya, Related Viruses 
November 9, 2015—Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

New SARS-Like Virus Can Jump Directly from Bats to Humans, No Treatment Available 
November 9, 2015—University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Self-Rated Health Predicts Immune Response to the Common Cold 
November 9, 2015—Carnegie Mellon University

Researchers Identify Essential Component of Antiviral Defense 
November 5, 2015—University of Georgia
The Hepatitis A Virus is of Animal Origin   
November 3, 2015—University of Bonn

MagLab Research Paves Way for Flu Treatments 
November 3, 2015—Florida State University



Last Updated May 19, 2016

Last Reviewed May 19, 2016