Bioinformatics Data Publishing and Format Tools

Analytical and Computational Tools

  • Format Converter v2.0.3
    This program takes as input a sequence or sequences (e.g., an alignment) in an unspecified format and converts the sequence(s) to a different user-specified format.
  • SeqPublish/Sequence Alignment Publishing Tool
    This interface takes a sequence alignment (nucleotides or amino acids) and replaces residues identical to a reference sequence with dashes.

Visualization and Modeling Tools

  • Heatmap
    A heatmap is a graphical way of displaying a table of numbers by using colors to represent the numerical values.
  • BCCB Mobyle Interface Designer (BMID)
    This is a browser-based application for creating web interfaces for command-line applications.

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Content last reviewed on April 23, 2012