Bioinformatics Resource Centers (BRC) Awards


Awardee* Principal Investigator Website Pathogen**
University of Pennsylvania

Dr. David S. Roos

Dr. Jessica C. Kissinger, University of Georgia


Eukaryotic pathogens
FungiDB Fungal pathogens
University of Notre Dame  Dr. Frank Collins VectorBase Invertebrate vectors of infectious diseases
Northrop Grumman Dr. Richard Scheuermann, J. Craig Venter Institute ViPR Viruses
IRD Influenza
University of Chicago Dr. Rick Stevens PATRIC Bacteria

*All organizations participating in each BRC are listed on the corresponding website.

**Pathogens examined by the BRC include, but are not limited to, those in the NIAID list of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, which includes NIAID Category A-C priority pathogens. For the detailed description of all pathogens covered follow the links to the corresponding BRC website.

Content last reviewed on November 3, 2015