COVID-19 Research in NIH Labs

Dashboard of NIH Intramural COVID-19 Projects (NIH-only)

The COVID-19 Scientific Interest Group, in collaboration with the Trans-NIH Preclinical Working Group, created an NIH Intramural Research Program (IRP) inventory and dashboard of COVID-19 projects. Currently, this dashboard can be accessed only by NIH leadership and the researchers who contributed information to it.

NIH and other HHS-based researchers without direct access to this dashboard may find useful data on our spreadsheet IRP COVID-19 projects (Excel Spreadsheet) (last updated on August 24, 2020); this requires access to the NIH network.

If you have not submitted your COVID project for inclusion in the dashboard, you can fill out the form at IRP COVID-19 Projects (for NIH-only; does not require VPN).

Publicly Available Lists of COVID-19 Research Projects at NIH


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