NIAID Implementation of NIH’s Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) Policy

NIAID supports and complies with all NIH data sharing policies, including the NIH Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) Policy. By implementing the GDS policy, NIAID continues its long-standing tradition of timely genomic data release through broadly accessible open or controlled-access data repositories. Timely and widespread genomic data sharing maximizes the public benefit of U.S. federally funded research.

The NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy does the following:

  • Promotes broad and responsible sharing of both human and non-human genomic data
  • Ensures appropriate protections for research involving human data and oversight of research conduct, data quality, data management, data sharing, and data use

NIAID's Expectation

NIAID's expectation, which goes beyond the NIH expectation, is that large-scale human and non-human genomic data will follow the NIH guidelines and be released no later than six months after initial data submission begins or at the time of acceptance of publication, whichever comes first, to unrestricted- or controlled-access data repositories for rapid public access. 

Beginning in January 2023, applicants will provide genomic data sharing information as part of the new Data Management and Sharing Plan, rather than submitting a separate Genomic Data Sharing Plan. 

Read more about NIAID GDS Expectations.

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