Laboratory of Immunology

Ronald N. Germain, M.D., Ph.D., Acting Chief

The major research activities of Laboratory of Immunology scientists concern the basic genetics, molecular biology, cell biology, and cellular immunology of the immune system. How dysregulation of the immune system results in autoimmune and lymphoproliferative diseases and what strategies might be valuable for vaccine development are important topics of interest.

Major Areas of Research

  • miRNA regulation of immune cell function
  • T-cell development, differentiation, and plasticity
  • Transcriptional regulation of lymphocyte differentiation
  • Regulation of primary and secondary immune responses
  • Cytokine biology, transcriptional networks, and signaling mechanisms
  • Programmed cell death and autophagy
  • Biology of regulatory T cells and control of autoimmunity
  • Role of T regulatory cells in chronic infection
  • Induction of T-cell tolerance and treatment of autoimmunity
  • Lymphocyte dynamics
  • Structure and function of viral immunoevasins
  • Detection and analysis of genetically determined defects in human lymphocyte homeostasis
Content last reviewed on December 2, 2016