NIAID participates in or funds many different consortia, clinical trial programs, networks, and research collaborations that help to move science forward. These are listed here, with new ones added all the time. Use the Search by Keyword field to narrow your search.

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The mission of the NIAID Intramural Collaborative Program in Global Neglected Infectious Diseases (GNID) is to seek fundamental understanding of neglected infectious diseases and to promote scientific interactions among NIAID investigators engaged in research on neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and related infections, listed on Neglected Infectious Disease-As

The mission of the Division of Intramural Research (DIR) Malaria Research Program (MRP) is to seek fundamental knowledge about the interactions of malaria parasites with the human host and the mosquito vectors that transmit them and to apply this knowledge to prevent disease, enhance health, and improve the quality of life in malaria endemic areas. 

The NIAID Microbiome Program is a collaborative effort to explore the metaorganism using existing and new facilities and personnel. The program has developed a microbiome sequencing facility with bioinformatics support and a gnotobiotic mouse facility, and is currently expanding microbiology resources.

The North American Cysticercosis Consortium was formed in 2009 to promote collaboration and sharing of resources in the study of neurocysticercosis among clinicians and research scientists in North America. An estimated 1,500 cases of neurocysticercosis are diagnosed each year in the United States.