Systems Immunology Toolkit

The tools in the Systems Immunology Toolkit will collectively allow you to upload microarray data, view that data on a gene-by-gene basis, overlay clinical data, analyze your data using a modular framework, compare your data to other datasets and diseases, and get a quick functional interpretation of the genes in your gene list.

More information about this resource is available at Systems Immunology Toolkit

Main Areas of Focus

  • Allows the visualization and comparative analysis of publicly available data to decipher immune regulation.


  • Gene Expression browser: View the expression level of all genes in a dataset; overlay the clinical data associated with the samples; and rank the genes, either using pre-defined lists or dynamically.
  • Module Analysis Tool:
    • Analyzes data to find pre-defined groupings of coordinately expressed genes (modules).
    • Determines the functional annotation of those modules.
    • Creates a molecular fingerprint of gene expression for each individual sample.

Who Can Use This Resource

  • Available for public use

How To Get Started