Topical Microbicides Safety and Efficacy Evaluation in Non-human Primates


What services are available?

The Topical Microbicide Safety and Efficacy Evaluation in Non-Human Primates program conducts pre-clinical testing in well-characterized nonhuman primate models (NHPs) of topical microbicides and barrier devices for intravaginal use, which are designed for the prevention and control of sexually transmitted infections. Primary emphasis is on pig-tail macaques.

The nonhuman primate efficacy models currently in use are to evaluate products to preventChlamydia trachomatis and Trichomonas vaginalis infections.

Note: Resources are limited and intended to fill critical gaps and are not to be the sole source of product development. Preliminary data to support program participation are required.

Where are services provided?

University of Washington


Content last reviewed on January 6, 2014