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Fast searching and powerful comparative analysis tools for all Mycobacterium tuberculosis genomes, including the H37Rv reference genome, its variants and other members in the tuberculosis complex. Also included are important reference genomes, M. smegmatis and M. marinum. PATRIC Bioinformatics Resource Center

Alison Yao

Investigator- initiated grant applications in all areas of TB and HIV/TB research. Response to currently active Initiatives for fundamental and translational science in MDR/XDR TB. BEI Resources Repository T. Pickett
Screen for and test new drug candidates in in vitro microbiological assays and in animals. Screening, microbiological activity, animal testing and preclinical development of new TB chemotherapeutics:
T. Parker
B. Spinelli
M. Kurilla
M. Ussery
M. Nasr, J. Boyce
Evaluate the pharmacology of existing and new drug candidates in animal models of TB disease. In vitro and in vivo PK/PD models, testing of individual drugs and drug regimens T. Parker
Characterize the genome and drug resistance markers of drug resistant Mtb strains Sequencing, molecular genetics, bioinformatics
Bioinformatics Resource Centers

Genomic Centers for Infectious Diseases

M. Giovanni
NIAID HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks, designed to address the following high priority areas: Vaccine Research and Development (HVTN), Translational Research/Drug Development (ACTG, IMPAACT), Optimization of Clinical Management, Including Co-Morbidities (ACTG, IMPAACT, INSIGHT), Microbicides (MTN), Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (IMPAACT), and Prevention of HIV Infection (HVTN, HPTN). HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks Contacts for each network are available on the HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks webpage.
Partner with on-going clinical trials access human specimens for the evaluation of new diagnostic tests relevant to MDR/XDR

HIV Prevention Research

Case Western University Tuberculosis Research Unit

M. Makhene
Correlate human immune response genes with susceptibility to Mtb infection and disease for TB and MDR/XDR TB Population Genetics Contract N. Nabavi
Extend TB T cell epitope prediction algorithms to include common HLA molecules found in MDR/XDR TB endemic regions Epitope Discovery Contracts A. Deckhut Augustine
Expand TB T cell epitope discovery efforts to include MDR/XDR TB infected persons and household contacts Epitope Discovery Contract A. Deckhut Augustine
Compile existing B cell and T cell epitope information from Mtb strains to identify points of possible variation and inform diagnostic development Immune Epitope Database and Analysis Resource A. Deckhut Augustine
Accelerate production of CD1b molecules for tetramer production and characterization of host immune responses to vaccines or natural infections with all forms of TB. NIH Tetramer Facility A. Deckhut Augustine
Evaluate adjuvant candidates in therapeutic and preventive studies in animals. Adjuvant Discovery Program
Murine and guinea pig models of infection and disease, immune assays /
D. Winter
T. Parker
Support analysis of human immune responses to and immunopathology of TB to inform surrogate marker and vaccine development. Human Immunology Centers H. Quill
Access to appropriate NIAID Clinical trials contracts Leverage resources through participation in on-going trials with new product candidates (vaccines, diagnostics, drugs) M. Makhene
NIAID DIR clinical protocols Template protocols for MDR and XDR tuberculosis NCT00341601, NCT00425113, NCT00374517 M. Paulson
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