VectorBase, one of the NIAID-funded Bioinformatics Resource Centers (BRC), provides genomic, phenotypic and population-centric data to the scientific community for invertebrate vectors of human pathogens.

More information about this resource is available at VectorBase

Main Areas of Focus

  • To provide web-based resources to the scientific community, supporting basic and applied research on organisms causing emerging or re-emerging diseases


VectorBase contains a variety of data types, including:

  • Reference and variant genome sequence, structural annotations (e.g., gene models, protein domains), and functional annotations
  • Phenotypic and population data for traits such as insecticide resistance

In addition to data, VectorBase provides a wide range of analysis tools and services.

Collaboration Opportunities

  • Researchers can add transcript or protein data and submit population data.

Who Can Use This Resource

  • Available for public use.

How To Get Started

  • Register for free account on the VectorBase website.


  • VectorBase holds training workshops throughout the year.

Contact Information