Virus Pathogen Resource (ViPR)

The Virus Pathogen Resource (ViPR), one of the NIAID-funded Bioinformatics Resource Centers, is a publicly available one-stop database and analysis resource that supports the research of viral pathogens in the NIAID Category A-C Priority Pathogen lists and those causing (re)emerging infectious diseases. ViPR integrates data from external sources (GenBank, UniProt, Immune Epitope Database, Protein Data Bank, etc.), direct submissions, and internal curation and analysis pipelines, and provides a suite of bioinformatics analysis and visualization tools to expedite virology research.

More information about this resource is available at Virus Pathogen Resource (ViPR)

Main Areas of Focus

ViPR allows researchers to:

  • Search, analyze, and visualize virus data from a single integrated database
  • Study evolution of pathogenic viruses
  • Conduct comparative genomic studies
  • Predict new targets for diagnostics, prophylactics, vaccines, and therapeutics


  • Data and tools to assist studies on sequence and structure analysis, comparative genomics and virus phenotype, among others
  • Suite of analysis tools and services

Who Can Use This Resource

ViPR is available for public use.

How To Get Started

Register for a free account on the ViPR website.


ViPR holds training workshops throughout the year.

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