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Allergic Diseases

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Research Features

Herpes Virus Exploits Protein on Skin Cell Surfaces to Enhance Disease
NIAID-supported investigators have shown that herpes simplex virus type 1 binds to a protein on the surface of skin cells to boost its infectivity and disease-causing potential.

NIAID Researchers Identify Potential Drug Target for Allergies
NIAID scientists have identified a molecule that helps promote the release of chemicals that cause allergic reactions.

NIAID Study Offers New Explanation of What Makes an Allergen an Allergen
Read about how investigators have uncovered new information on what makes people allergic to allergens.

NIAID Clinical Studies Offer Relief for Asthma Sufferers
Read how advances made in NIAID-supported research are helping people with asthma.

Time-Lapse Video: Allergic Reaction to Cold
Watch infrared footage of the inflammatory response to cold temperature.

Vitamin D and Parathyroid Hormone May Help Protect Against Bacterial Skin Infections
NIAID-supported scientists have found that vitamin D works with parathyroid hormone to enhance immune defenses in the skin.

Video: Helping Kids with Severe Eczema

Child's drawing of a child with eczema
Watch how NIAID research has helped two families overcome severe eczema.

Last Updated December 11, 2013

Last Reviewed July 19, 2012