Bridging the Career Gap—Promoting Diversity in Biomedical Research

In early fiscal year 1993, NIAID developed a new program to bring underrepresented investigators to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) campus for a two-day workshop titled Bridging the Career Gap: Promoting Diversity in Biomedical Research. To better reflect the underrepresented populations eligible to participate in NIH diversity programs, attendees must be currently funded by NIAID through the Diversity Supplements initiatives. The program is administered by the Office of Research Training and Special Programs and is conducted with assistance from the members of the Division of Extramural Activities and other program divisions.

The purpose of the workshop is to allow for the exchange of science; to impart information on applying for research project grants; to acquaint attendees with the opportunities and options open to them in the field of biomedical research; and to provide an opportunity to meet with intramural and extramural staff members for the purpose of establishing mentors. It also highlights the Institute's recognition that these young researchers are seen as future NIH/NIAID grantees. By establishing a "bridging" program, the careers of these young investigators could be nurtured, and the Institute would receive feedback on the effectiveness of these programs in attracting scientists from underrepresented backgrounds to the NIAID research agenda.

The workshop is held every two years.

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