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Targeted research initiative

Edition: September 19, 2019

Feature Article: Not All NIAID Initiatives Follow the Paylines

When NIAID sets a maximum dollar commitment for a particular initiative, applications are funded in score order until the initiative’s funding limit is reached. This approach precludes the use of paylines.

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Ebola Virus

Edition: September 05, 2019

Feature Article: NIAID’s Ongoing Ebola Efforts in Congo, Elsewhere

It might be safe to say that you’re aware of the continuing Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but perhaps less so of NIAID’s efforts to help stem the tide of outbreaks.

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Research Scientist

Edition: August 21, 2019

Feature Article: Why Criterion Scores Don’t Add Up

It’s now been a decade since criterion scores were introduced in the peer review process, and yet there is still some confusion about how these scores are used.

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NIH Building One

Edition: August 07, 2019

Feature Article: NIH Terminology: Know the Nine Application Types

Without proper context, you may be confused when our articles or staff refer to specific application types. Let’s clear up that confusion.

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Ebola Virus Particles

Edition: July 18, 2019

Feature Article: Refresher on Federal Law and NIH Policy on Select Agents

Before you apply for NIAID funding, you should know whether your research involves select agents, and if it does, the steps you will need to take to ensure public health safety.

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NIH Clinical Center

Edition: July 03, 2019

Feature Article: Want To Learn About Cooperative Agreements? “U” Got It

A cooperative agreement is a support mechanism that NIH frequently uses for high-priority research areas that require substantial involvement from NIH staff for oversight, coordination, or facilitation.

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Edition: June 19, 2019

Feature Article: Make Your Own Match by Submitting an Investigator-Initiated Application

A large percentage of the research NIAID funds is investigator-initiated, so if you come up empty searching for solicited request for applications announcements in your area of expertise, the next step is to plan an investigator-initiated application.

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Research and Development

Edition: June 05, 2019

Feature Article: Take a Closer Look at Contracts

NIAID supports many academic investigators under research and development contracts; learn what contracts are, how they differ from grants, and how to determine whether a solicitation is right for you.

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Be a Peer Reviewer

Edition: May 15, 2019

Feature Article: The Benefits of Being a Peer Reviewer

While helping others, you also benefit yourself since the insights you gain as a reviewer will likely aid you as an applicant as you get a look at what your peers want to see in an outstanding and well-written application.

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Interventional Radiology

Edition: May 02, 2019

Feature Article: Know Which Unsolicited Applications Require Prior Approval as Big Grants

Misunderstanding how the term "unsolicited" applies to funding opportunity announcements may result in your failing to meet our requirements for big grants.

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NIH Scientists

Edition: April 17, 2019

Feature Article: Tips for Writing a Strong Multiple PI Leadership Plan

Reviewers will judge the Leadership Plan of an application with multiple principal investigators (PIs) for its scientific merit and whether it promotes enough coordination and communication among PIs.

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Vertebrate animal

Edition: April 03, 2019

Feature Article: Act Immediately To Resolve Bars to Award and Prepare Just-in-Time Information

Certain codes in your summary statement can indicate an award restriction or bar to award, which can block you from funding until you resolve underlying scientific review concerns about human subjects involvement, human subjects inclusion, or animal welfare in your application.

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Edition: March 20, 2019

Feature Article: Follow Anti-Sexual Harassment Requirements

NIH leadership is determined to help address the problem of sexual harassment in NIH-funded research. Learn what to do if you're concerned about sexual harassment at your institution.

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Edition: March 06, 2019

Feature Article: Taking a Long View of FY 2018 Application and Award Data

We lay out NIAID’s R01 and R21 application counts, award totals, success rates, and more over the past 20 years, considering these figures in relation to shifting NIH funding levels.

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H. Clifford Lane, M.D.

Edition: February 20, 2019

Feature Article: A Look at the First Advisory Council Meeting of 2019

Catch up on outcomes from the January 28 Advisory Council session, including presentations from NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci and NIAID Division of Clinical Research Director Dr. Cliff Lane.

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NIH Data Book's new dashboard

Edition: February 06, 2019

Feature Article: Find FY 2018 Application and Award Totals in the NIH Data Book

We lay out NIAID’s R01-equivalent and R21 application counts, award totals, and success rates over the last few years and make a few observations along the way.

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Fauci, Gates, Collins

Edition: January 23, 2019

Feature Article: Grant Coming to an End? Avoid and Survive a Funding Gap

Whether you're on your first grant or you have had decades of support, renewal is never guaranteed. By creating multiple streams of funding, you can sustain your lab even if you lose one grant.

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Antibodies derived from llamas may have medical applications

Edition: January 09, 2019

Feature Article: Eligibility Requirements for Foreign Investigators and Institutions

Every funding opportunity announcement (FOA) includes information that specifically states whether the FOA allows foreign institutions to apply as the primary grantee or be a subcomponent on a different institution’s grant.

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NIAID offers investor and partnering events for Phase I and II awardees

Edition: December 19, 2018

Feature Article: Small Businesses: Set Your Sights on Phase III

Although NIAID does not fund small businesses directly during Phase III private sector commercialization, we try to prepare grantees for success through programs tailored to Phase I and II awardees.

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Analyzing RNA from Patient Samples

Edition: December 06, 2018

Feature Article: Access to Genomic Summary Results: Get up to Date on Updated Policy

The updated data management procedures under the Genomic Data Sharing policy allow unrestricted access to most NIH-supported studies for health and research purposes while considering potential risk to research participants.

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Research Training at NIH

Edition: November 14, 2018

Feature Article: NIAID Sets Interim Paylines for Most Activity Codes

We’ve now posted interim paylines for most applicable activity codes at NIAID Paylines, including training, fellowship, small business, and small research grant awards.

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15th Anniversary of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

Edition: October 17, 2018

Feature Article: Notes from September Advisory Council—Budgets, News, Approved Concepts

If you missed the September 17, 2018 meeting of NIAID’s Advisory Council, you can watch a videocast of remarks from NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci and NIAID Division of Intramural Research Director Dr. Steven Holland, as well as open subcommittee sessions.

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria, which cause tuberculosis

Edition: October 03, 2018

Feature Article: Update on TB RFI: NIAID Analyzes Responses, Finalizes Strategic Plan

Learn how NIAID staff incorporated community feedback into our strategic plan to advance tuberculosis research and development for the next five years and beyond.

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Draft Behavioral and Social Sciences Clinical Trials

Edition: September 19, 2018

Feature Article: Comment on Draft Updates to NIH's Clinical Trial Protocol Template

The Behavioral and Social Sciences Clinical Trials Template will inform an update to the Clinical e-Protocol Writing Tool, which applicants can use as a guide when preparing comprehensive clinical protocols for Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials.

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Complete Final Reports for Grant Closeout

Edition: September 05, 2018

Feature Article: Your Obligations Aren’t Over When Your Project Period Ends

Within 120 days of your project period’s end date, you must submit a Final Research Performance Progress Report, Final Federal Financial Report, and Final Invention Statement and Certification.

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