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Successful Sample Applications Demonstrate Good Grantsmanship

To observe how other applicants approach grantsmanship, examine the text sections of the successful example applications—particularly the Specific Aims and Research Plans.
Students working in the lab beside one of their postdoc mentors.

Opportunities and Resources

Have you observed radiation-associated sex differences in your early-stage research to advance animal models, medical countermeasure development, safety, or biomarker science?
Conduct mechanistic studies of early-stage Mtb infection in the airway and lungs with and without HIV to identify interventional targets for vaccine and host-directed therapies.
Each center will create and provide access to interactive knowlegebases, innovative tools and software, and leading-edge expertise in bioinformatics.

In The News

NIH received more than 800 responses to a request for information on simplifying peer review criteria, a vast majority of which supported most of the proposed changes.
NIH tasks peer reviewers with identifying the most promising trainees as well as excellent, individualized training programs that will help them become outstanding scientists.
NIH’s Office of Research on Women’s Health offers training modules, videos, and other tools to instruct biomedical researchers on properly accounting for sex as a biological variable.

Advice Corner

NIH grant recipients have 120 days from the end of a performance period to liquidate obligations by drawing funds from the Payment Management System.

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