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September 21, 2017

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Opportunities and Resources

Propose an institutional program with mentored research opportunities that can stimulate investigative curiosity and foster transition to additional research and career development among resident-investigators.

NIAID will fund projects to establish proof-of-concept for simple qualitative or semi-quantitative diagnostic assays designed to directly detect HIV or other biomarkers that reliably correlate with viral load or rebound.

The opportunity supports specialized research centers in institutions that offer doctoral degrees in health professions or sciences and have a commitment to educating underrepresented students.

In The News is eliminating downloadable PDF application forms after December 31, 2017, in favor of modern submission systems that are more user-friendly and integrate better with the eRA Help Desk.

The ImmPort team constructed a reference dataset that compiles 10,000 immunomes, capable of serving as a common control cohort and allowing for accelerated hypothesis generation.

For institutions closed due to recent natural disasters, NIH will accept late applications under certain conditions.

You now have until Friday, September 22, to answer NIH Request for Information (RFI): Pediatric Research That All of Us May Be Uniquely Positioned To Enable.

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