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November 15, 2017

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Opportunities and Resources

If you have the expertise to identify the immune mechanisms required to induce and maintain durable protective immunity following immunization, consider a new funding opportunity announcement: Maintaining Immunity After Immunization.

Apply if your research can determine the mechanisms required for inducting and maintaining protective immunity in the elderly in response to infections and vaccinations, including the effects of chronic inflammation on those responses.

This opportunity supports multicomponent, multidisciplinary projects that address scientific questions relevant to AIDS prophylactic vaccine discovery research, including extensive modeling of vaccine concepts in nonhuman primates.

I-Corps provides funding, mentoring, and networking opportunities to help active Phase I small business awardees commercialize promising biomedical technology through an eight-week, hands-on program.

In The News

NIH and its institutes will fund F&A costs for grants to foreign organizations and domestic grants with foreign components at a fixed rate of 8 percent of modified total direct costs, exclusive of tuition and related fees, direct expenditures for equipment, and subawards in excess of $25,000.

NIH is seeking feedback on areas of research limited by a lack of in-patient research beds, as well as areas of research best poised to utilize the Clinical Center’s unique in-patient resources more generally.

Advice Corner

Big grants, clinical trials, multiproject research, and program project grants all require that you contact your program officer far in advance of your application due date.

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