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September 6, 2017

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Opportunities and Resources

NIAID's new Research Education Program supports educational activities that complement and enhance scientific training of the biomedical workforce.

An R01 funding opportunity announcement seeks projects focused on preclinical development of lead candidate therapeutics or vaccines (or related countermeasures) that address select NIAID Emerging Infectious Diseases and Pathogens.

In The News

Policy changes will accompany the FORMS-E transition on January 25, 2018, but those changes are not in effect for the upcoming Cycle III standard due dates.

Correctly identifying whether your study is a clinical trial is crucial to picking the appropriate funding opportunity, writing your research plan correctly, and ensuring that your application includes all the information required for peer review.

The lateness of your application should not exceed the number of days your institution was officially closed.

Give feedback on capabilities of commercial organizations, non-profit organizations, and universities to provide research resources necessary for conducting biomedical research in nonhuman primates.

Review a draft protocol for data collection within the Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcome cohort and give input on the planned data elements, types of biospecimens, and data collection methodology.

Share your feedback on the most critical short-, medium-, and long-term precision medicine research questions that could be addressed by enrolling a large cohort of children from diverse backgrounds.

Advice Corner

When you apply for a grant, you are asked whether your research involves human subjects and whether your research is exempt from federal regulations. Answering accurately is key to avoiding obstacles to application submission and award.

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