Vaccine Research Center

Theodore C. Pierson, Ph.D.

Theodore C. Pierson, Ph.D.
Director, Vaccine Research Center

Credit: NIAID

The Dale and Betty Bumpers Vaccine Research Center (VRC) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) was established to facilitate research in vaccine development. The VRC is dedicated to improving global human health through the rigorous pursuit of effective vaccines for human diseases. Established by former President Bill Clinton as part of an initiative to develop an AIDS vaccine, the VRC is a unique venture within the NIH intramural research program. Initially spearheaded by NIAID, the National Cancer Institute, and the NIH Office of AIDS Research, the VRC is now part of the NIAID organization.

The VRC’s mission is to discover and develop novel vaccines and biologics targeting infectious diseases of global public health importance. The primary areas of research include:


Some highlights from our research can be found on our Scientific Advances at the Vaccine Research Center page.

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Visit the VRC’s Building 40 on the NIH Virtual Tour.

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COVID-19 Research in NIAID Labs

When COVID-19 was identified in early 2020, NIAID intramural laboratory scientists mobilized quickly to study the virus.

See a list of VRC investigators researching COVID-19

VRC Clinical Studies

The Vaccine Research Center evaluates candidate vaccines and monoclonal antibodies targeting HIV, influenza, Ebola, and other emerging infections. 

Find out more and volunteer for VRC Clinical Studies
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