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NIAID research has led to new therapies, vaccines, diagnostic tests, and other technologies that have improved the health of millions of people in the United States and around the world. The scope of the NIAID research portfolio has expanded considerably in recent years in response to new challenges such as bioterrorism, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, and the increase in asthma prevalence among children in the United States.

The growth of NIAID programs has also been driven by unprecedented scientific opportunities in the core NIAID scientific disciplines of microbiology, immunology, and infectious diseases. Advances in these key fields have led to a better understanding of the human immune system and the mechanisms of infectious and immune-mediated diseases.

Congressional Justification

Strategic Plans

NIAID Gift Fund

NIAID is not a fundraising organization, but it is authorized by Congress to accept donations and bequests in support of its scientific mission. Such donations are kept in a gift fund account separate from the funding NIAID receives from Congress.

How Donations Are Used

The NIAID mission is to conduct and support research on infectious and immunologic diseases in an effort to improve health of people everywhere. NIAID gift fund donations may be used for the following activities:

  • Research studies, including patient-centered research at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center
  • Purchase of equipment and supplies for laboratories
  • Support of scientific workshops and conferences
  • Printing of informative materials about infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases for patients, health professionals, and the general public
  • Funding of research grants
  • Support of efforts to recruit scientific staff

How To Donate

Individuals and organizations can contribute to the NIAID gift fund by mailing a donation letter and a check or money order payable to the "National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases” to the following address:

NIAID Gift Fund
Budget and Financial Management Branch
5601 Fishers Lane, Room 5E48
Rockville, MD 20892-9809

What To Include in the Donation Letter

Your letter should indicate that the donation is to be used to support the NIAID mission. Also include the following information to receive an acknowledgment letter from NIAID:

  • Name (contact person)
  • Company name (if applicable)
  • Street address
  • City, state, and zip code
  • Phone number (optional)

Research Designation (optional)

All donations are applied by the NIAID director toward activities to support research on infectious and immunologic diseases. However, you may specify whether the donation is to be used for a specific type of research that falls within the NIAID mission.

Memorial Donations (optional)

Please include the name of your loved one in the letter, as well as the names and addresses of the people whom you would like NIAID to acknowledge for the memorial donation.

Honorary Donations (optional)

Please write the name of the person your donation is in honor of in your letter, as well as the names and addresses of the people whom you would like NIAID to acknowledge for the honorary donation.

Additional Information

If you have questions, please write to the Budget and Financial Management Branch at the address above or call 301-496-4701. You also may send any questions to NIAIDGiftFund@niaid.nih.gov.​​

Program Evaluation at NIAID

Program evaluation provides information about NIAID program processes and outcomes and enables the optimization of program performance.

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