Group A Streptococcus Vaccine Research

NIAID supports research to develop a group A streptococcus vaccine, and several candidate vaccines are in various phases of development. While some scientists are conducting animal model studies to obtain data to pursue clinical trials in humans, other scientists are close to evaluating group A streptococcus vaccine candidates in Phase I clinical trials.

As a result of NIAID-supported research, the first group A streptococcus vaccine clinical trial in 30 years was started. The vaccine was well tolerated by patients and has led to further clinical evaluation of a similar vaccine candidate.

An effective vaccine will prevent not only strep throat and impetigo but also more serious invasive disease and post-infectious complications like rheumatic fever.

Vaccine development efforts include NIAID-supported epidemiological studies:

  • To determine the extent of group A streptococcal disease
  • To characterize group A streptococcal strains causing illness in the United States and developing countries

NIAID, in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, has developed standard definitions and methods for surveillance of group A streptococcal diseases to determine current burden of disease information.

This was accomplished by meetings with experts in the group A streptococcal research community that included research scientists, academic investigators, clinicians, and public health officials.

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