Influenza Information for Researchers

Colorized structure of a prototype for a universal flu vaccine.

Colorized structure of a prototype for a universal flu vaccine.

Credit: NIAID

NIAID is conducting and supporting research to find new and improved ways to diagnose, treat and prevent influenza infection. This includes working toward a universal flu vaccine that could provide long-lasting protection against multiple strains of influenza, such as those that cause seasonal flu as well as emerging forms capable of causing a global pandemic.

Through the information offered here, researchers can learn about the science being conducted at NIAID and by NIAID-funded researchers. Researchers seeking funding can access opportunities to further their own research, while NIAID and NIH grantees can find out about available resources outside of specific funding opportunities. Recent publications, active networks, and ways to connect with other researchers are also available.


NIAID is always accepting researcher-initiated applications. Connect with NIAID program officers about potential or related funding for influenza research.

Program Officers

For contact information, search the NIH Enterprise Directory.

  • Dr. Jennifer Gordon, Program Officer, Influenza and Coronavirus Vaccine Development
  • Dr. Teresa Hauguel, Influenza Basic Research, Surveillance and Transmission, and Vaccine Research and Development
  • Sonnie Kim, Influenza Clinical Research
  • Dr. Diane Post, Viral Respiratory Diseases Section Chief
  • Dr. Christopher Roberts, Respiratory Pathogens Clinical Research Section Chief
  • Dr. Erik Stemmy, Centers of Excellence for Influenza Research and Response (CEIRR)

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Connect with Other Researchers

Researchers at NIAID

Much of the influenza research ongoing at NIAID takes place in these laboratories:

Researchers Funded by NIAID

NIAID Supported Networks

Resources for Researchers

You may request services if you are an investigator in academia, a not-for-profit organization, industry, or government in the United States or worldwide. You need not be a grantee of NIAID or another National Institutes of Health Institute or Center. Look to each resource for further eligibility information.

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