Programs & Networks

Programs and networks help to increase collaboration, break down silos, and share information and data by connecting researchers to each other, to institutions, both public and private, and to the general scientific community.

This section contains information on a variety of types of programs or networks, including those specifically run by NIAID that interact with the broader scientific community and collaborations that NIAID participates in, such as collaborations across government agencies, public-private partnerships, cooperative agreements, and consortiums.

A research program or network is an “umbrella” organizing group, internal or external to NIAID, whose responsibilities include  conducting, overseeing, and at times funding research or offering non-monetary support for research. Most of these programs/networks offer services and other resources to the scientific community.

The breadth and depth of NIAID supported programs and networks speaks to the extensive infrastructure that NIAID supports to advance research in a dynamic world impacted by emerging and reemerging diseases.

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How are Programs & Networks Funded?

Networks and programs are funded through a variety of mechanisms varying from funding provided by a grant or contract, collaborations supported through private-public partnerships, defined per partnership, or groups supported wholly by NIAID or NIH, such as various Communities of Practice (COPS) or Special Interest Groups (SIGS).

How do Resources for Researchers Relate to Programs & Networks?

While NIAID supports the research community via funding through grants and other mechanisms, many NIAID networks and programs also provides access to certain resources such as preclinical services, assays, imaging, and sequencing.

How are Programs & Networks Related to Areas of Research at NIAID?

Networks and programs may tie to specific diseases and conditions (for example HIV/AIDS, influenza, or food allergy) or they may support research that is broader in nature, such as vaccines, antimicrobial resistance or immune system research.

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Resources for Researchers

In addition to monetary funding, NIAID or NIAID-funded groups provide services that are available to the research community to advance their scientific pursuits.  You may request services if you are an investigator in academia, a nonprofit organization, industry, or government in the United States or worldwide. You need not be a grantee of NIAID or another National Institutes of Health Institute or Center.

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Research Funding

NIAID supports research at external academic and research institutions through funding opportunities including grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements. In addition to targeted requests for proposals in response to initiatives, NIAID is always accepting researcher-initiated applications.

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Partnering with NIAID

NIAID promotes partnerships with domestic and international entities to address complex public health issues that require the combined efforts of government agencies, academic institutions​, private-sector companies, and nonprofit organizations.

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