Division of AIDS

Dieffenbach, Carl W. (Biography Photo)

Carl W. Dieffenbach, Ph.D.
Director, Division of AIDS

Credit: NIAID

The Division of AIDS (DAIDS) was formed in 1986 to develop and implement the national research agenda to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Toward that end, the division supports a global research portfolio to advance biological knowledge of HIV/AIDS, its related co-infections, and co-morbidities. With the ultimate goal of creating an “AIDS-Free Generation,” the division develops and supports the infrastructure and biomedical research needed to:

  1. halt the spread of HIV through the development of an effective vaccine and biomedical prevention strategies that are safe and desirable; 
  2. develop novel approaches for the treatment and cure of HIV infection;
  3. treat and/or prevent HIV co-infections and co-morbidities of greatest significance; and
  4. partner with scientific and community stakeholders to efficiently implement effective interventions.

Areas of Research

NIAID-supported investigators are conducting an abundance of research on all areas of HIV infection, including developing and testing preventive HIV vaccines, prevention strategies, and new treatments for HIV infection and AIDS-associated opportunistic infections.

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Funding Opportunities

NIAID and NIH offer a number of funding opportunities, including grants and contracts, to conduct basic research, preclinical development, or clinical evaluation.

Potential Funding Opportunities:

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NIAID partners with leaders in the field of HIV/AIDS research to better understand the diseases and move forward toward a better prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

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Resources for Researchers

The Division of AIDS supports a comprehensive set of resources for researchers. Their purpose is to facilitate the preclinical and clinical research needed to translate the ideas generated through basic research into safe and effective drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics to control and prevent the spread of HIV.

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Research Rules & Policies

Policies and procedures are essential to any clinical research enterprise. In this regard, the Division of AIDS has standardized and harmonized operational procedures across research areas.

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