Track Application Using eRA Commons

Track Application Using eRA Commons

The NIH electronic Research Administration (eRA) Commons is an online system used by extramural applicants and grantees to track their biomedical and behavioral research applications through each stage of the grants process.

Visit the NIH eRA Commons website for these key functions:

  • Registration and Accounts. Your organization registers and then makes and administers individual accounts.
  • For Applicants. Track your application, view summary statements and scores, send just-in-time information, and more.
  • For Grantees. View your Notice of Award, submit reports, report inventions, and perform other grants management activities.

You can also learn more about application tracking and your decision points at Submitting an Application and Scoring and Summary Statements.

Have Questions?

Your program officer can give you application advice, NIAID's perspective on your research, and confirmation that NIAID will accept your application. You can find your PO's contact information in your eRA Commons account or on your summary statement. 

Learn more about how and when to contact a program officer or grants management specialist.

Content last reviewed on August 11, 2016