Research Training at NIAID

A person at a microscope.

Postbaccalaureate fellow in the NIAID Laboratory of Malaria and Vector Research uses a dissecting microscope to perform morphological identification of preserved mosquito specimens.

Credit: NIAID

To promote and develop the next generation of biomedical researchers, NIAID is committed to offering a broad spectrum of training opportunities to individuals from varying educational backgrounds, ranging from high school to postdoctoral level. In support of NIH’s research mission, NIAID strives to promote diversity and inclusion by recruiting and supporting trainees from underrepresented communities and disadvantaged backgrounds. Trainees will conduct research focused on understanding, treating, and preventing infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases in NIAID laboratories located in Maryland and Montana (Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton), providing a unique scientific research training environment in basic, translational, and clinical research.

Our Mission

The mission of NIAID training is to

  • Promote and support biomedical education and training of fellows in the NIAID intramural research program
  • Design and implement training courses and career development workshops for current NIAID trainees
  • Provide opportunities for exploration in a variety of career paths
  • Encourage trainee development by providing mentoring opportunities and collaborative interactions
  • Conduct outreach programs in different communities to promote diversity at all training levels

Training and Career Development Grant Programs

NIAID uses a variety of grant programs to develop and support the next generation of biomedical researchers who may be entering graduate school, finishing their doctorates, or coming in from other fields. We award some grants to individuals, while others go to educational institutions or specific projects.

Training and Career Development Grant Programs
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